About Us

The Papua New Guinea High Commission in Canberra represents the Government and people of Papua New Guinea in Australia and to strengthen its bilateral relations with the Australian Government and its people. It has a number of different functions, including the following:

  • Pursue PNG’s national interests with the Australian Government in areas of bilateral importance such as aid, defence and security, trade, investment and so forth.
  • Negotiate for bilateral treaties and agreements that advances PNG’s national interests with the Federal Government as well as State/Territory Governments and other important partners.
  • Provide advice to the PNG Government on political, social, economic and other important events or trends in Australia relevant to PNG’s interests.
  • Share information and exchange of views with the Australian Government on regional or global issues of mutual interest or concern.
  • Represent the PNG Government at bilateral and other international forums to speak on such matters impacting on the bilateral relations between PNG and Australia.
  • Provision of consular support services to PNG citizens visiting or resident in Australia.
  • Provision of visa services and travel advice to Australian citizens planning to visit PNG or other non-PNG citizens visiting PNG from Australia
  • Promotion of an awareness within the Australian community of PNG culture and society.
  • Encouragement of tourism development between Australia and PNG.
  • Strengthen PNG’s relations with other countries whose Missions are concurrently accredited to PNG from Canberra.
  • Support the Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and other relevant Departments and Agencies in Port Moresby to implement important bilateral treaties and agreements as well as the outcomes of bilateral commitments at Senior Official Meetings, Ministerial Forums, bilateral meetings between Prime Ministers of both countries.

The High Commission staff work closely with Australian Government departments and agencies, State Governments, commercial and community organisations and various agencies of the PNG Government in Port Moresby. We seek to promote greater mutual understanding and respect between Australia and PNG and to extend the range of bilateral links and co-operation between our two countries.

Further details on these and other priority areas are briefly reflected under “Relations with Australia”.