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Q: How to get a Papua New Guinean police clearance certificate, or police character check?

A: To get a certificate from the police, you should follow this procedure:

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*For PNG Nationals working or residing in other nations can fill the form and report to the nearest police stations for full fingerprinting. These clients must attach a copy of their valid passport with application and send it to NCRO Office for search and processing. Note that fingerprint Office will not accept scan or fax prints, therefore clients are asked to post originals to NCRO Office on the understated address.

*For expatriates who previously lived or worked in PNG but now live in other countries and needed a character check from PNG Police (NCRO Office) must fill the application form and go to the nearest Police Station for (10) full finger printing. Attach the photocopy of valid passport with the prints and sent to –

OIC NCRO/ INTERPOL, Police Headquarters, P. 0. Box 85, Konedobu, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea.

*For service fee, client can send US Dollars equivalent to PNGK10.00 through Western Union and advice OIC or 2IC NCRO Interpol on the following emails addresses. mvanqen@rpnqc,qov.pq or

 *Contacts: client can also get this Office on phone number 6753254188, Ext: 214, or OICNCRO/INTERPOL on 675 3226144 for follow up.


Police Character Check Form for Papua New Guinean – Male

Police Character Check Form for Papua New Guinean – Female

Police Character Check Form for Expatriates – Male

Police Character Check Form for Expatriates – Female

You may need to attach color copies of old passports and entry visas and arrival stamps to prove that the applicant was residing legally in PNG during the period covered by the police check

Note: Private company (no affiliation with PNG High Commission) is helping to obtain PNG police clearance.

Contact Aaron Hayes, director of PNG DEVELOPMENT SERVICES LTD trading as PNG DOCUMENT SERVICES (PNGIPA #6-285173)

Represented in Australia by Pacific Development Services Pty Ltd (ACN 102400199)

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***Please be advised that the High Commission just provides this information; we do provide services or assistance in getting police clearance certificates. You are advised to refer to above authority (Officer in Charge, National Criminal Records Office, Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary) for the latest information to get police clearance certificates.