Visitor Category

This category comprises the following Classes:

Tourist (Tour Package) – Relevant documents be provided (eg: Letter from Tour Group)
  • Group tours, student excursion groups, etc.
Tourist (own itinerary) – Relevant documents be provided (eg: Letter stating purpose of visit)
  • Individuals who wish to sightsee independently, travel, or visit friends, etc.
Easy Visitor Permits (EVP)
  • EVPs are strictly issued upon arrival in PNG to eligable nationals only, please refer to list (Visa on arrival eligable country list) at
Visiting Relative
  • For individuals visiting husbands, wives, or other family members.
  • For reporters, TV presenters, announcers, correspondents.
  • Owner, captain, and crew of a yacht as well as any accompanying spouse and/or children.


All visitor entry permits are valid for a single entry stay of sixty (60) days from the date of arrival. Work is prohibited.


Application for all above classes can be made at any PNG Diplomatic Mission.

Applications for tourist/visiting relative entry permits (for eligible nationals) can also be made on arrival at designated international ports of entry.

For those arriving by yacht, application can be made at ICD or at the designated international port of entry.


1. Complete the “Application for Entry Permit” (Form 1)
2. Pay the Migration Service Fee (MSF) as set out in the Summary Table.
3. Provide passport and documentary evidence as follows:

Tourist (both tour package and own itinerary):
  • Return/on going ticket;
  • Evidence of funds (if required).
Visiting Relative:
  • Return/ongoing ticket
  • Evidence of funds (if required).
  • Return/ongoing ticket
  • Letter from sponsoring organization and list of equipment.
  • Approval from the International Organization Branch of Department of Foreign Affairs & Immigration must be obtained prior to entry permit issue.
Yacht person:
  • Proof of ownership of vessel/ captain’s papers;
  • Ship’s log for details of crewmembers;
  • Customs Clearance form must be completed.

Accompanying dependents and crewmembers are issued with a Tourist/visitor entry permit upon arrival.


Extensions can be granted once only for a maximum of thirty (30) days whilst in PNG.

Applicants for extension should:

  • Complete the “Application to Extend Entry Permit” (Form 4);
  • Pay the MSF as set out in the Summary Table.
  • Provide a letter stating reasons for extension.
  • Provide a copy of return airline ticket.

Further applications will not be considered.


All Tourist Visas are free.
Journalist $ 220.00, effective 1 April 2014 the new fee will be $435.00