Message from the Chief Executive for the Tourism Promotion Authority

Papua New Guinea is one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries on our planet, populated by a marvellously diverse and friendly people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. To talk about this country is one thing, to visit it is something quite special and unique and this manual I hope will go someway to explaining what we are all about. From our lush and expansive coastline and waterways to our beautiful coral reef environments, to our spectacularly beautiful highlands, Papua New Guinea is indeed ‘Paradise Live’. This is an experience not to be missed.Situated to the North of Australia and between Asia and the Pacific, Papua New Guinea occupies a unique geographic position. Recent Government initiative will ensure we as a country make our culture and environment available to the rest of the world to enjoy at their leisure. You can be guaranteed a warm welcome here and we encourage you to visit us. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the Tourism Promotion Authority and come see PARADISE LIVE